Board Break-a-thon

In 2017 the Longoria's Family lost one of our own students to Suicide.  Through the pain of the loss we decided to raise awareness among our Instructors - training them to know what to look for and the resources available to get help for someone in need. 

We then created the Board Break-a-thon as a way the martial arts community could come together to support each other and raise awareness and funds for prevention.  

We hope you'll join us in supporting and sponsoring our students as they participate in the next Board Break-a-thon for bullying & suicide prevention awareness. 

The 3rd & 4th Annual Board Break-a-thon will be Saturday, August 7, 2021.

 Since the 3rd Annual had to be postponed due to the pandemic we thought we'd just combine them this year.  LTMA Students (youth & adults) can register to participate and break boards.  

Registered Participants are asked to get family, friends, co-workers or whoever to sponsor them.  We suggest something like $1/board (hint; everyone will break 10 boards).  All funds raised will be used to provide suicide & bullying prevention trainings and resources in our communities.  Raise over $100 in Sponsorships and you'll receive a Board Break T-shirt.

We're excited this year to partner with Leadership Harbor LLC.  They are based here in Lincoln (and have some LTMA connections) and provide a variety of Leadership Training, Coaching & Speaking - including their CALM Workshop - specifically designed to teach prevention protocols for Suicide & Bullying. 

Participants raising $100+ will earn a Board Break T-shirt.

Additional Shirts are available for pre order NOW.

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