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What About Testing?

Testing is comparable to a recital. A chance for the student to perform their achievements and progress.  This is important for their self esteem. They are reaching their short term goals. We take Testing very seriously and hope you will too.  

Testing cycles are about 9 - 10 weeks.  

Testing dates are announced in class, in the newsletter, on social media, and on the website.

Stripes are earned approximately every 4 - 5 lessons.

In order to Test a Student must have earned the appropriate Stripes (Taekwondo), see below for details. They must also have attended the minimum number of classes for their belt rank.

Prior to Testing, Students must obtain permission from Parent/Guardian & their School Teacher. These should be turned in to your Instructor to earn your Gold Stripe. 

You must sign up for Testing at the Front Desk. Doing so will make sure the Students name is on the Testing Roster, Instructors are prepared for all those intending to Test, and the appropriate number of new belts are on hand. Each Testing Cycle has a Sign Up Deadline, please sign up prior to the deadline to avoid a Late Registration Fee.   


Red Stripe = Basics knowledge

White Stripe = Form knowledge 

Green Stripe = Form memorized (Moogis and Juniors)

Blue Stripe = White Belts: One Step Sparring, Orange thru Red Belts: Basic Weapons skills

Orange Stripe = Sparring skills

Purple Stripe = Board Break 

Gold Stripe = Proper display of discipline + respect, and Permission to Test Slip turned in

Black Stripe = Works hard in every class, Follows directions showing respect and no attitude, Had a great testing.

Minimum Class Requirements

White Belts - minimum of 12 classes 

Orange & Yellow Belts, Half Step (no green stripe) - minimum of 16 classes 

Orange & Yellow Belts, Full Step - minimum of 16 classes 

Camo & Green Belts, Half Step (no green stripe) - minimum of 16 classes 

Camo & Green Belts, Full Step - minimum of 16 classes 

Purple & Blue Belts, Half Step (no green stripe) - minimum of 18 classes 

Purple & Blue Belts, Full Step - minimum of 18 classes 

Brown Belts, Midterm - green stripe required - minimum of 18 classes 

Master Brown Belts, Full Step - minimum of 18 classes 

Red Belts, Midterm - green stripe required - minimum of 18 classes

Master Red Belts, Full Step - minimum of 18 classes 

Board Break

Each student (Orange belt and above) will get to break a board during each testing cycle (this earns them their Purple Stripe). Please ​get your Board Break Ticket ($5) at the Front Desk. Write the Student's Name on the back and have them give it to their Instructor before class.  Board Break Weeks are announced in class, in the monthly Newsletter and on Social Media.   

Permission To Test Form

Each student will need to have their permission form signed by a parent/guardian and their school teacher. These are handed out in class prior to testing week, or you can download here.


Black Belt Rank Requirements

• First Degree Black Belt - minimum 30 classes - minimum age 7 years old

• Second Degree Black Belt - minimum 3 years of training & at least 4 midterms - minimum age 14 years old

• Third Degree Black Belt - minimum 4 years of training & at least 6 midterms passed - minimum age 18 years old


• Fourth Degree Black Belt - minimum 5 years of training & at least 8 midterms passed

Black Belt Testings take place every April, August, and December. 


Students must ask (at least 1 month prior to testing) , to receive permission to test from GM Longoria or AM Rudy.

Black Belt attitude, respect and discipline must be displayed at all times.  Higher level of fighting skills should be displayed.  Strong balanced stances and quick crisp hand and foot techniques should be demonstrated at all times. 

* Reminder there are NO Regular Taekwondo Classes during Testing Week - including Tues/Thurs AM Classes

* NO Krav Maga or Muay Thai 7pm classes on Thursdays of Testing Week

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